Packaging Design

Iconic, unreserved, outstanding designs. Always.

Incredible designs lie at the heart of what a brand holds for – something very simple or very deep and rich – but it deserves undivided attention. Meticulous attention to detail of the core values of a brand and it’s product results in a design that is worthy of excitement and celebration. At Layerone, we believe in creating packaging design that is unreserved, creative and sometimes even unapologetically flamboyant. We create packaging that evokes a sense of emotions in people. We creatively transform our clients imagination and hence adds meaning and distinct character to your brand name.
When you choose us, we account for factors such as aesthetics, conceptualisation, unique designs, budget, the stage of business, the end user, and where the brand will be showcased. We create packaging that has a look and feel based on whether it will be placed at a retail location, versus a grocery store versus purely online.
Before we collaborate, we would love to understand what makes you tick, and that is always best done face to face. Give us a call and drop in for a cup of coffee. Or tea. And if you’re lucky then cake too!